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Engine rebuild

Today we have a 2000 Toyota Hiace van in for an engine rebuild. The van suffered from a major overheating when the radiator failed while driving on the freeway. The owners unknowingly kept driving the van until it stopped. Unfortunately this destroyed the engine. So now our mobile mechanics are set to task on an […]

Landcruiser not selecting gears

Todays issue is a Toyota Landcruiser not selecting gears. This troop carrier has the 1HZ engine with a 5 speed manual gearbox. The vehicle was towed to our workshop after breaking down out of town. The client stated he couldn’t select any gears and the shifter felt loose. These land cruisers gearboxes have all of […]

Grinding Brakes

A client booked us in to inspect his vehicle complaining of a grinding brakes in Varsity Lakes today. Our mobile mechanics attended his home and quickly set to diagnose the fault, which in this case was very easy to identify. The vehicles brakes has sacrificial friction material with is designed to slowly wear away when […]

Diesel fuel filter

The diesel fuel filter is a very important part of the fuel system. This is even more true with the advances in diesel fuel system technology. With todays modern diesels with common rail, high pressure fuel pumps, fine tolerance injectors the fuel filters role becomes even more critical. The main pic is of a Toyota […]

Mobile brake repairs

Brake safety is extremely important. As a mobile brake specialist on the Gold Coast we can ensure your vehicles brakes are working perfectly. We come to you with our fully equiped workshop van to a location convenient to you. Some key points to tell if your brakes need inspection and/or repair: They sound different. If […]

Prado Ball joint

Today we attended breakdown in Tallebudgera of a Toyota Prado which the front lower ball joint had failed. This is a major breakdown. When a ball joint fails it allows the suspension and wheel to move uncontrolled. This vehicle had its right hand front wheel at 45deg and pushed back into the guard. This caused […]

Shackle bushes

Shackle bushes are an item that are often overlooked during routine maintenance. Shackle bushes live in the leaf spring shackle, they are the bush that allows movement in the suspension. Every time you drive over a bump or turn a corner your suspension moves. This movement will eventually wear out the bush. During services these […]

Toyota Camry engine mounts

Todays Toyota Camry engine mounts had failed allowing the motor to move excessively in the engine bay. The engine mounts are made of rubber, their role is to insulate the engine vibrations from being felt in the vehicle and also to hold the engine in place. A couple key symptoms of failed engine mounts are […]

Toyota Hiace clutch

Today in Miami I had a 2004 Toyota Hiace clutch replacement to carry out. These commercial vans get a heavy workout, this particular vehicle is loaded up constantly for its tradie owner. So it was no surprise that the clutch finally started to slip, this van had done a lot of KM. The replacement of […]

Spark plugs

The humble spark plug has come along way over the many years. Once spark plugs were cleaned and gapped every service with replacement done every couple of services. Now we have spark plugs lasting 100 000km! The big change is the material used in the spark plug such as platinum or iridium. This allows the […]