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Landcruiser not selecting gears

Todays issue is a Toyota Landcruiser not selecting gears. This troop carrier has the 1HZ engine with a 5 speed manual gearbox. The vehicle was towed to our workshop after breaking down out of town. The client stated he couldn’t select any gears and the shifter felt loose.

These land cruisers gearboxes have all of the selector mechanism internal in the gearbox. Therefore we had to remove the gearbox from the car and then strip down the box to inspect inside. It is very easy to see the fault in the main pic. The selector fork had broken. This is repaired be replacing the broken part. With the gearbox apart it is also appropriate to inspect all of the other internals of the gearbox. As this vehicle had done 300 000km and the client had mentioned it had been hard to select gears for awhile, we paid special attention to the syncros.

We found the syncs to be worn and due for replacing. We these repairs carried out and the gearbox reassembled, the gearbox is re fitted to the car. Fresh gear oil and final inspection and operation test before returning to the client.

Our client was very happy with the land cruiser selecting gears like when it was brand new.

If you find your Landcruiser not selecting gears or just needs some love – Please contact us at Certified Automotive.

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