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Ranger EGR cooler

Ford Ranger EGR cooler replacement has become a common repair for our Gold Coast mobile mechanics. We have replaced quite a few and on all ranger models, none seem to be immune from this problem. Most are higher in milage and age.

The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system is designed to let metered amounts of exhaust gas back into the intake of the engine to be re burnt. This is for pollution control and economy. The EGR cooler is to cool the exhaust gas before it re-enters the engine.

The common fault is that the EGR cooler leaks coolant internally. This leaks coolant into the exhaust manifold. This can cause overheating and engine running issues and in major leaks head gasket failure has been seen as a direct result of the cooler failure. There are several different Ranger EGR coolers which suit each series/model vehicle. These are not interchangeable.

Unfortunately the Ranger EGR cooler is not easily accessible. Removal of the transmission is required to access the cooler which is on the rear of the engine.

If your ranger has any of the following symptoms your cooler may be leaking:

-Loosing coolant


-Running rough, especially on start up

-Steam from exhaust

-Coolant from exhaust

This is not a roadside repair. We carry on these repairs in our Mudgeeraba workshop.

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