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Navara EGR valve

Another EGR valve problem today, this time – Nissan D40 Navara EGR  failure.

We regularly see EGR issues with most modern diesel cars. EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is a system that directs controlled exhaust gas back into the intake to be re burnt in the engine. This is done a specific times to lower pollution. The engines computer controls the EGR valve. If a a fault occurs in the system symptoms can include:

  • Engine light on dash
  • Limp mode
  • Excessive smoke from exhaust
  • Low power
  • Engine running concerns

This Navara EGR valve had failed because the weld in the valve had failed allowing the valve to free move. This caused very low power as the engine was loosing turbo boost out via the EGR.

A new replacement valve and gaskets was installed. The engines computers fault history was cleared. Then tested to ensure for correct operation.

Another related fault for the D40 Navara is the EGR cooler assembly cracking. This can have the same symptoms as the valve failure.

If your vehicle has any of the symptoms above contact us to have a professional assist.

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