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Toyota Camry engine mounts

Todays Toyota Camry engine mounts had failed allowing the motor to move excessively in the engine bay. The engine mounts are made of rubber, their role is to insulate the engine vibrations from being felt in the vehicle and also to hold the engine in place. A couple key symptoms of failed engine mounts are vibrations and/or a ‘knocking/thump’ noise when going in and out of gear.

This 2002 Toyota Camry had a ‘thump’ noise and the engine was visible moving when going in and out of gear. 3 of the vehicles 4 engine mounts were replaced with new units. This not an overly difficult task with the correct tools. It was completed at the customers house relatively quickly.

You can see the new front engine mount installed in the main picture. The pics below show a top view of the front mount and the top engine mount in place with the new mount sitting on top for comparison. You can clearly see in the top mount the split rubber from the excessive movement.

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