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Grinding Brakes

A client booked us in to inspect his vehicle complaining of a grinding brakes in Varsity Lakes today.

Our mobile mechanics attended his home and quickly set to diagnose the fault, which in this case was very easy to identify. The vehicles brakes has sacrificial friction material with is designed to slowly wear away when you use your brakes. When this material, which is the’Brake Pad’ wears thin, they need to be replaced before completely wearing out. If they are not replaced in time and the pad friction material is worn away the pad steel backing plate will then touch the disc rotor. This is were the ‘grinding’ noise comes from.

This quickly damages the rotor surface which needs to be smooth and flat for the new pads to work with. When ‘metal to metal’ contact in disc brakes happens it is very common to need to replace the rotors along with the worn out pads.

With this Toyota Hiace, the rotors and pads were replaced with new parts. This was done quickly onsite at the clients house. Our service vehicles are fully equipped to carry out all brake repairs onsite. Once repaired, a road test and bedding in procedure is carried out to ensure a quality repair before handing the vehicle back to the client.

If your brakes are noisy or grinding contact Certified Automotive today.

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