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Toyota Hiace clutch

Today in Miami I had a 2004 Toyota Hiace clutch replacement to carry out. These commercial vans get a heavy workout, this particular vehicle is loaded up constantly for its tradie owner. So it was no surprise that the clutch finally started to slip, this van had done a lot of KM.

The replacement of the clutch is quite a straight forward job in these vans thankfully, unlike many other cars now days. The gearbox is removed to gain access to the clutch, which is removed and disposed of. The flywheel is a solid style, which is machined and reused. The machining of the flywheel is essential to ensure the clutch will bed in correctly. If not machined clutch shudder can occur. The spigot bearing/bush and throw out bearings are always replaced with the clutch.

While the gearbox is removed this is the time to check the rear main oil seal on the engine and replace if necessary.

Always a consideration when replacing a clutch is what type to install. There are ‘standard’, ‘Heavy duty’ and some models have an ‘Extra heavy duty’. This decision comes down to what your use for the vehicle for. If constantly heavy loaded or towing a Heavy duty clutch should be used.

Call Certified Automotive if you need a clutch replacement.

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