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Radius rod bushes

Today in Worongary was the mighty Nissan Patrol 4×4 in for some repairs. One job was the radius rod bushes to be replaced. This suspension set up is the same as the Toyota land cruiser. The front diff is supported by 2 radius rods, In these rods there are bushes at the attachment points. 2 […]

Brake replacement

Today I had a Toyota Hiace van that required front brake replacement.. It unfortunately had not been serviced by a mechanic for along time, instead just had the owner changing his own oil. This led to todays problem as the brakes had not been inspected each service as they should have been. Grinding noise was […]

LS1 80 series landcruiser

Not every day is commodores and hyundais. Sometimes clients call me out and I get greeted by someones pride and joy. Recently I got the pleasure to work on real offroad 4×4 weapon. A real capable truck that gets driven in many competitions. This rig is a 80 series Landcruiser powered my a modified LS1 V8. […]

New car warranties FAQs

These FAQ’s are provided as an information aid to assist in dispelling the myths surrounding new car servicing and manufacturers warranties. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) also provide guidance on their website. Question: A Dealer told me I’ll void my warranty if you service my car, is that right? FACT: There is NO […]

Engine and gearbox mounts

Another item that needs to be inspected on every service is your vehicles engine and gearbox mounts. These are the brackets that hold the engine or gearbox in place. They generally have rubber bushes to absorb and dampener noise and vibration. Some manufactures use hydraulic mounts, but these are a lot less common then rubber. With […]

Toyota 1HZ cracked head

The Toyota landcrusier with a 1HZ engine can be a reliable workhorse.  But they do not like being over heated.  This Landcruiser in Parkwood which I have to repair this week had been overheated due to a leaking radiator.  A common fault with the 1HZ engine is the cylinder head cracking between the valves with […]