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Engine rebuild

Today we have a 2000 Toyota Hiace van in for an engine rebuild. The van suffered from a major overheating when the radiator failed while driving on the freeway. The owners unknowingly kept driving the van until it stopped. Unfortunately this destroyed the engine. So now our mobile mechanics are set to task on an engine rebuild.

The complete engine assembly is removed form the van and stripped of all ancillary components. Such as: alternator, starter motor, inlet and exhaust manifolds, flex plate etc etc

We don’t carry out engine machining in house so we have a specialist machine shop overhaul the long motor on our behalf. This engine got so hot it melted a piston and the cylinder head. The Cylinder block was reused after reboring the cylinders. The crank shaft and con-rods were reusable after testing and machining as needed. New pistons, rings, bearings and a new complete cylinder head were required on this build.

Once the long motor motor is built we then reassemble int he van with all the ancillary components along with a new water pump, thermostat, hoses, radiator, belts, oils, filters, spark plugs and coolant.

A run in procedure is followed for the first 1000km to ensure the rings bed in correctly. This is an imperative step to ensure longevity of the new engine. If your vehicle is having engine concerns contact us a Certified Automotive today.

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