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Mobile brake repairs

Brake safety is extremely important. As a mobile brake specialist on the Gold Coast we can ensure your vehicles brakes are working perfectly. We come to you with our fully equiped workshop van to a location convenient to you.

Some key points to tell if your brakes need inspection and/or repair:

  • They sound different. If your brakes squeal, scrape or grind they need attention ASAP.
  • Your car shakes, shudders or vibrates when applying your brakes. This is a key indicator that the brake system is not functioning correctly and require attention.
  • The brake pedal is soft. There is several possible causes for this symptom all require immediate attention.
  • The car pulls/swerve when you brake. This is a serious issue that needs urgent attention. They are many possible causes for this problem. It may be a seized calliper, shoe adjustment, leak, fluid contamination.
  • Low brake performance. If your car is not pulling up quickly the brake system needs attention.
  • Leaking fluid

Your vehicles brakes are extremely important. If you have any of the above symptoms call Certified Automotive on 1300 457599 as a matter of urgency for your mobile brake repair.

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