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BT50 HD leaf springs

Today we had a 2015 Mazda BT50 which of course you know is the same as the Ford Ranger. This dual cab ute is used by a tradesman who carts around his tools in the back. The original rear leaf suspension are not designed for constant load applications. Over time these leaf springs had sagged very low to where the leafs where inverting and the tyres where rubbing the alloy tray over bumps.

The solutions is easy. New heavy duty leaf springs which are designed for the constant loads. These were easily installed at the clients house. With the new leafs we also installed upgraded shock absorbers to handle the loads along with new bushes and Ubolts.

The difference is immediately noticeable, Not only the raised height of the suspension but also when driven. Body roll is drastically reduced as is bounce after driving over bumps. Also the steering is more firm and doesn’t wander at speed as it did with the old sagged leaf springs.

If your Ford Ranger or BT50 needs a lift or upgraded suspension for towing or to handle higher loads call us at Certified Automotive, we are happy to help.

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