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VE Commodore clutch

Today in Carrara we have a 2009 VE Holden Commodore maloo ute with a LS3 v8 with the M10 manual transmission. The complaint was a stuck clutch pedal. After a quick diagnosis this was identified as a failed clutch concentric slave cylinder. This is the hydraulic link between the pedal and the actual clutch. This slave cylinder had completely failed

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BT50 HD leaf springs

Today we had a 2015 Mazda BT50 which of course you know is the same as the Ford Ranger. This dual cab ute is used by a tradesman who carts around his tools in the back. The original rear leaf suspension are not designed for constant load applications. Over time these leaf springs had sagged very low to where the

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Classic Holden WB kingswood ute

Great change to get a classic to work on today. Holden WB Kingswood ute. This well looked after example is running a 253 V8 for now.. With a stroker 355 being built for an upgrade. Today was just a simple tune to ensure it was running well until the new driveline was ready for the big swap.