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Ranger EGR cooler

Ford Ranger EGR cooler replacement has become a common repair. We have replaced quite a few and on all ranger models, none seem to be immune from this problem. Most are higher in milage and age. The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system is designed to let metered amounts of exhaust gas back into the intake […]

E10 fuel

It’s not common today to have bad fuel from the service station though it does happen. As a mobile mechanic we see a lot of breakdowns and bad fuel is generally not a major issue. What is an issue is E10 fuel (ethanol) being used, especially in older cars. We find the long term use […]

Ford Falcon lower ball joint

Ford Falcon ball joints are a commonly worn item. They take a lot of load and will eventually wear out. Today’s breakdown was for this exact reason. This Falcon’s lower ball joint had failed causing the lower control arm to drop down and press against the brake rotor. As this was a 2004 falcon with […]

BT50 HD leaf springs

Today we had a 2015 Mazda BT50 which of course you know is the same as the Ford Ranger. This dual cab ute is used by a tradesman who carts around his tools in the back. The original rear leaf suspension are not designed for constant load applications. Over time these leaf springs had sagged […]

Ford Focus Engine mount

Today was another Engine mount failure. This time on a 2008 Ford Focus in Burleigh. The owner was complaining of a vibration in the vehicle. I inspected the mounts as this is a common problem, especially on vehicles around the 10yr old mark. The rubber in the mount over the years loses its strength and […]

Ford Falcon Clutch

Clutches are a common wear item. They are designed to slip so you can have a smooth take off and gear change, but ever slip is a tiny amount of wear. Eventually however careful you drive your clutch will wear out. This wear is accelerated by driving style, loads (towing) and engine power. This 2006 GT […]

New car warranties FAQs

These FAQ’s are provided as an information aid to assist in dispelling the myths surrounding new car servicing and manufacturers warranties. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) also provide guidance on their website. Question: A Dealer told me I’ll void my warranty if you service my car, is that right? FACT: There is NO […]