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Control arm bushes

A very common fault with many modern cars is the control arm bushes failing.  Mainly the front lower control arm bushes.  They are the bush that allows the vehicle’s suspension to move.  These are the pivot point for the suspension.  As they are always moving, eventually the rubber bush will wear out.  Which generally means the bush will split or tear. When these bushes fail it can allow the suspension to have unwanted movement which can greatly change the wheel alignment of the vehicle. This is not only a safety concern but also causes rapid tyre wear.

With parts becoming cheaper with aftermarket production, this repair is commonly completed by replacing the complete arm. This is a great way to fix this fault.  With the complete arms you replace both inner bushes and the ball joint. This is beneficial as generally if one is worn out, the others will be worn too.  Also the labour required is less as no pressing needed because they come completely assembled.

The main pic shows the split/torn front lower control arm bush from a 2011 Nissan Xtrail.  This vehicle had both the front lower control arms replaced with complete arms today in Gilston.  Once repaired a wheel alignment is always required to set it back to the manufacturers specifications.

This repair is able to be performed roadside, as we carry all the equipment to carry out this repair. Call us at Certified Automotive to book your repair.

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