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Wondering steering

Todays repair was on a 1998 C200 Mercedes. The compliant was – wondering steering and ‘knocking’ noise over bumps. Along with uneven tyre wear. We carried out a full inspection of the vehicle along with an overdue oil and filter service. The inspection revealed significant wear in the steering linkage joints, torn lower control arm […]

Prado Ball joint

Today we attended breakdown in Tallebudgera of a Toyota Prado which the front lower ball joint had failed. This is a major breakdown. When a ball joint fails it allows the suspension and wheel to move uncontrolled. This vehicle had its right hand front wheel at 45deg and pushed back into the guard. This caused […]

Ford Falcon lower ball joint

Ford Falcon ball joints are a commonly worn item. They take a lot of load and will eventually wear out. Today’s breakdown was for this exact reason. This Falcon’s lower ball joint had failed causing the lower control arm to drop down and press against the brake rotor. As this was a 2004 falcon with […]

Shackle bushes

Shackle bushes are an item that are often overlooked during routine maintenance. Shackle bushes live in the leaf spring shackle, they are the bush that allows movement in the suspension. Every time you drive over a bump or turn a corner your suspension moves. This movement will eventually wear out the bush. During services these […]

BT50 HD leaf springs

Today we had a 2015 Mazda BT50 which of course you know is the same as the Ford Ranger. This dual cab ute is used by a tradesman who carts around his tools in the back. The original rear leaf suspension are not designed for constant load applications. Over time these leaf springs had sagged […]

Control arm bushes

A very common fault with many modern cars is the control arm bushes failing.  Mainly the front lower control arm bushes.  They are the bush that allows the vehicle’s suspension to move.  These are the pivot point for the suspension.  As they are always moving, eventually the rubber bush will wear out.  Which generally means […]

Coil over suspension upgrade

Today’s lucky client had a set of full adjustable coil over suspension installed into his Holden Commodore Maloo ute. These are top of the line full adjustable shocks and springs made by Pedders Suspension. These are a huge improvement from the standard suspension. Giving fantastic handling and ride. These are also height adjustable to get […]

Radius rod bushes

Today in Worongary was the mighty Nissan Patrol 4×4 in for some repairs. One job was the radius rod bushes to be replaced. This suspension set up is the same as the Toyota land cruiser. The front diff is supported by 2 radius rods, In these rods there are bushes at the attachment points. 2 […]

Diff bush replacement

Diff bush or bushes are the rubber mounts that hold the vehicle differential in place. Today it was a Mazda Tribute that received a new set of bushes. These diff bushes are subject to a lot of force from the power of the engine trying to twist the drive line. It is quite normal to […]

Holden Astra strut tops

Today I have a Holden Astra with a suspension knock noise. The front suspension strut tops have collapsed which is causing the noise. I removed and replaced these with new units, quiet and easy job with the correct tools. Not a job to ever try without a quality spring compressor as there is a lot […]