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Holden Cruze window regulator

The Holden Cruze is a popular car that we see a lot of. We have seen serval lately with a failed window regulator. The complaint being “My window won’t go up”. Not a unique fault, as with all things that move they eventually wear out. These window regulators can fail several different ways – cables breaking, pulleys failing, gears jamming, motors failing

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Flywheel Machining

Flywheel machining /grinding is a important step in the process of replacing a worn clutch. Today we had a Holden Barina in Mudgeeraba with a slipping clutch. To replace the clutch, the gearbox is removed. This can be a easy job on some vehicles while on others can be a time consuming and expensive job. With the gearbox removed and

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Mobile brake repairs

Brake safety is extremely important. As a mobile brake specialist on the Gold Coast we can ensure your vehicles brakes are working perfectly. We come to you with our fully equiped workshop van to a location convenient to you. Some key points to tell if your brakes need inspection and/or repair: They sound different. If your brakes squeal, scrape or

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VE Commodore clutch

Today in Carrara we have a 2009 VE Holden Commodore maloo ute with a LS3 v8 with the M10 manual transmission. The complaint was a stuck clutch pedal. After a quick diagnosis this was identified as a failed clutch concentric slave cylinder. This is the hydraulic link between the pedal and the actual clutch. This slave cylinder had completely failed

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Commodore injector fault

Todays fault is a VE Commodore 6L V8 with an engine fault. This vehicle was running rough, it had a noticeable misfire. It was actually running on 7 cylinders not 8. A diagnostic check was done with a scan tool which showed code P0203. This code means ‘cylinder 3 injector circuit malfunction’. With some further testing this was confirmed as

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Brake shudder

Today we have a VY Commodore in Mermaid Waters. The owner is complaining of brake shudder and poor brake performance from his vehicle. The solution today is new front brakes for his Commodore. Brake shudder can happen in any make of vehicle. It is a vibration felt though the steering wheel and brake pedal while braking. Commonly described as a

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EGR problems

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This system is on nearly every vehicle as it helps manufacturers meet emission standards required. This system does as the name says, it recirculates exhaust gas back into the engines intake to be re-burnt. This does 2 things, it increases the fuel economy and reduces pollution. This system does however cause a lot of

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Harmonic balancer

Today I had a Holden Commodore broken down in Surfers Paradise. This time the cause was a failed harmonic balancer. The Harmonic balancer is bolted to the front of the crank shaft to dampen engine vibration and act as the main pulley for the drive belts. As the balancer is made of rubber it can wear out and fail. This

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Engine oil flush treatments

Engine oil flush treatments are a common item in servicing modern cars.  With many vehicles needing high quality oils and with services schedules being stretched out further oil flush treatments are becoming more necessary. The oil flush is an additive which is added to the old engine oil and the vehicles is run with, prior to changing the oil. This

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Coil over suspension upgrade

Today’s lucky client had a set of full adjustable coil over suspension installed into his Holden Commodore Maloo ute. These are top of the line full adjustable shocks and springs made by Pedders Suspension. These are a huge improvement from the standard suspension. Giving fantastic handling and ride. These are also height adjustable to get that perfect stance. They are

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