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Engine oil flush treatments

Engine oil flush treatments are a common item in servicing modern cars.
With many vehicles needing high quality oils and with services schedules being stretched out further oil flush treatments are becoming more necessary. The oil flush is an additive which is added to the old engine oil and the vehicles is run with, prior to changing the oil. This additive is to clean the inside of your engine and break down sludge deposits and build up.

We see many vehicles that have had their servicing slip, missing services or just services done late. This causes the oil to be run for longer than it was designed for. The oil becomes thicker and dirty. The longer it is left the worse it gets. To make the problem worse, modern engines have fine ports/orifice which can become blocked. Also many timing chain issues are linked directly to bad engine oil conditions. Timing chain tensioners are often oil pressure fed, with old thick oil too much pressure is applied to the tensioner. Or the supply port to the tensioner may get blocked.

Engine oil flush treatments are recommended to be carried out with every service to help minimise these serious and expensive faults from occurring.

The pics attached to this are from Hyundai Getz and VE Commodore 3.6L engines. These Commodore engines are prone to oil sludge issues. Correct oil must be used and oil change intervals must be adhered to otherwise this common and very costly problem occurs. As you can see in the pic below the large amount of sludge build up inside the engines.

So on your next service with Certified Automotive ask for a engine oil flush treatment!

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