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Commodore injector fault

Todays fault is a VE Commodore 6L V8 with an engine fault. This vehicle was running rough, it had a noticeable misfire. It was actually running on 7 cylinders not 8.

A diagnostic check was done with a scan tool which showed code P0203. This code means ‘cylinder 3 injector circuit malfunction’. With some further testing this was confirmed as a failed injector. On this vehicle the injectors are easily removed. This is not the case on all vehicles, some require intake manifolds to be removed to gain access.

All of the injectors were removed and bench tested and flowed. This identified the the need to replace a couple of the injectors. These were replaced with new units and the computers trouble codes erased. The other injectors were ultra sonic cleaned and retested to ensure they met specifications.

Injectors can fault in a couple of ways: Electrically – the solenoid fails in the injector or Mechanically – fuel leaking/dripping, blockages can disrupt the spray pattern or stop fuel flow completely.

Once this was completed the vehicle was back running smooth again. If your car is running rough or misfiring contact Certified Automotive to make a booking.

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