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Flywheel Machining

Flywheel machining /grinding is a important step in the process of replacing a worn clutch.

Today we had a Holden Barina in Mudgeeraba with a slipping clutch. To replace the clutch, the gearbox is removed. This can be a easy job on some vehicles while on others can be a time consuming and expensive job. With the gearbox removed and clutch can be accessed. Once the clutch is removed from the flywheel a thorough inspection is carried out. Clutch slip causes a lot of heat, this can damage the flywheel. Hot spots, run out and glazing are some of the faults that need to be addressed on a used flywheel. Machining the worn flywheel removes the top layer of damaged material leaving behind a perfect flat surface ready for the new clutch.

It is also a warranty requirement from the clutch manufacturers that the flywheel is machined at time of installation of a new clutch. While we don’t machine the flywheel our selves we use a machine shop to carry out the machining. 

We use quality clutch parts and recommend Exedy, Mantic and Clutch Industries.

For your next clutch replacement call a professional to get the repair done correctly. 1300 457 599

*PLEASE NOTE: Certified Automotive DOES NOT machine flywheels our selves. We us our local machine shop. If you require a flywheel machined only – please refer your local machinist/engineering shop. 

Flywheel being machined
Flywheel in the process of being machined
Certified Automotive Flywheel Grinding
Certified Automotive Flywheel Grinding








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