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D22 Navara clutch failure

Today we have a Nissan D22 Navara clutch failure to repair. This was a major failure of the clutch with the pressure plate clamping spring breaking off several fingers. As you can see in the main pic. This fault was easily diagnosed as a clutch failure prior to removal. The loud noises coming from the […]

Flywheel Machining

Flywheel machining /grinding is a important step in the process of replacing a worn clutch. Today we had a Holden Barina in Mudgeeraba with a slipping clutch. To replace the clutch, the gearbox is removed. This can be a easy job on some vehicles while on others can be a time consuming and expensive job. […]

VE Commodore clutch

Today in Carrara we have a 2009 VE Holden Commodore maloo ute with a LS3 v8 with the M10 manual transmission. The complaint was a stuck clutch pedal. After a quick diagnosis this was identified as a failed clutch concentric slave cylinder. This is the hydraulic link between the pedal and the actual clutch. This […]

Toyota Hiace clutch

Today in Miami I had a 2004 Toyota Hiace clutch replacement to carry out. These commercial vans get a heavy workout, this particular vehicle is loaded up constantly for its tradie owner. So it was no surprise that the clutch finally started to slip, this van had done a lot of KM. The replacement of […]

Throw out bearing failure

Today we had a Hyundai Getz broken down. The vehicle had lost all drive from a failed clutch. While a failed clutch is not abnormal, We always ask if any noises or concerns have been happening recently. This time the owner mentioned a loud squealing had been occurring over the last few days.. When we […]

Ford Falcon Clutch

Clutches are a common wear item. They are designed to slip so you can have a smooth take off and gear change, but ever slip is a tiny amount of wear. Eventually however careful you drive your clutch will wear out. This wear is accelerated by driving style, loads (towing) and engine power. This 2006 GT […]

Subaru Forester clutch

Today’s repair was on a Subaru Forester XT. I was called out to diagnose a noise coming from the vehicle. I found the noise to be the clutch throw out bearing to be failing and making a loud grinding noise. These sometimes start out as a squeak or squeal heard when you push the clutch […]

Holden Viva clutch

Today we have a Holden Viva with a failed clutch. When this vehicle was inspected it was slipping when under load. This is standard wear from normal use that has worn this clutch down. It hadn’t failed completely at this point but this is the time to have it replaced. Before a major failure happens […]

Nissan Navara D40 clutch replacement

Nissan Navara D40 clutch replacements are becoming very common. This week we replaced another. The factory dual mass flywheel is the weak link in the factory set up. Both the petrol V6 and the diesel engines both have the same issues. The dual mass flywheel springs often fail as does the main plate in the […]