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D22 Navara clutch failure

Today we have a Nissan D22 Navara clutch failure to repair. This was a major failure of the clutch with the pressure plate clamping spring breaking off several fingers. As you can see in the main pic.

This fault was easily diagnosed as a clutch failure prior to removal. The loud noises coming from the broken parts, the clutch pedal bouncing and loud grinding noise when depressed.  Clutch failures can be from several reasons including – general wear, poor driving technique, heavy loads, component age.

The only way to repair this is to remove the gearbox and replace the clutch kit. The flywheel should always be machined so that a fresh flat surface is ready for bedding in with the new friction plate.

This is a relative straight forward repair with the right tools and know how. We always carry out clutch repairs in our workshop as the vehicle hoist is required to complete the repair safely.

If your D22 Navara or any other vehicle, needs clutch repairs please contact us today.

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