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Nissan Navara D40 clutch replacement

Nissan Navara D40 clutch replacements are becoming very common. This week we replaced another.

The factory dual mass flywheel is the weak link in the factory set up. Both the petrol V6 and the diesel engines both have the same issues. The dual mass flywheel springs often fail as does the main plate in the flywheel. We often find this plate distorted which effects the clamping pressure of the pressure plate causing slippage. See attached photo of a distorted flywheel from this weeks job.

The best way to repair this is with a complete new clutch kit with a single mass (Solid) flywheel. These kits are now available from many suppliers, though we recommend and only use reputable brands with proven quality. This is a large job therefor not one you want to do twice! The solid flywheel has more mass which means the engines rpm don’t drop as quickly when the clutch is released which makes smooth take offs easier (this makes towing or hill starts much easier). Also as the flywheel is solid so it won’t distort or flex like the dual mass flywheels do.

The only question is to install a standard duty or a heavy duty kit?  The heavy duty kits are recommended for anyone towing large weight such as caravans, boats, work trailers etc.

The first thing mentioned by all our customers when test driving after replacement is the major difference in how the vehicle feels, much smoother and take offs are far easier. But it is noted that your driving style needs to be adjusted to suit the new clutch.

An added bonus is the expected life span of the new clutch, which is much longer then if we replaced the clutch with another factory dual mass set up.

Customers are happy so we’re happy

Call us today if your Navara needs a clutch. Certified Automotive.

Dual mass flywheel with straight edge showing the distortion.
Complete Heavy Duty Single mass clutch kit
Complete Heavy Duty Single mass D40 Navara clutch kit
Single mass flywheel
Single mass flywheel also known as a Solid flywheel.
Single mass flywheel - engine side view
Single mass flywheel – engine side view
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