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Ford Falcon Clutch

Clutches are a common wear item. They are designed to slip so you can have a smooth take off and gear change, but ever slip is a tiny amount of wear. Eventually however careful you drive your clutch will wear out. This wear is accelerated by driving style, loads (towing) and engine power.

This 2006 GT Falcon had been very well looked after but it too needed a new clutch. This is a straightforward job. The gearbox is removed to gain access to the clutch. We always remove the flywheel and have it machined otherwise smooth operation cannot be guaranteed nor can warranty be offered. Another item to be replaced is the sipgot bearing or bush. This is very important as it aligns the gearbox input shaft.

This bearing is only cheap and requires the clutch to be removed to access, therefore it is always replaced at the same time. This falcon use an internal clutch slave cylinder, these also need the gearbox removed to access. So this is also replaced at the same time. This saves from future breakdowns and more labour charges to repair if one of these items were to fail. All these items can be purchased in a complete kit keeping the cost down.

The pictures show the wear to the clutch plate and flywheel, Hot spots in the metal are very clear to see.

If you are having any clutch issues with your car contact the professionals at Certified Automotive.

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