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Roadside Assistance

Certified Automotive is a complete mobile service. This means we come to you wherever you are on the Gold Coast. Roadside assistance is what we specialise in. We commonly attend to a wide range of breakdowns. Some of these include:

  • Car won’t start
  • Drive belts and pulleys
  • Batteries, alternators & starter motors
  • Cooling system repairs – hoses, radiators, water pumps etc
  • Brake repairs – brake pads and disc rotors
  • Warning lights on dash – Engine lights etc. Full diagnostics
  • Engine running concerns – Misfires, stalling, surging
  • Wrong fuel – Petrol in diesel

The difference between our service and a roadside assistance club: We are mechanics with all the equipment to fix nearly any problem onsite immediately. We come to you, then diagnose and repair the fault on site. A lot of the roadside clubs will attend then only fix minor faults ( battery, flat tyre, out of fuel, etc). If a real issue is found (which is 90% of the time) they will tow you to a workshop. Once there you will have to wait for availability to have your car fixed. So this means a great inconvenience to you. Also we have no membership fees. You only pay for our service when you need it.

Call a quality mechanic and have your issue resolved asap without the hassle of towing your car – Certified Automotive

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