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Ranger EGR cooler

Ford Ranger EGR cooler replacement has become a common repair. We have replaced quite a few and on all ranger models, none seem to be immune from this problem. Most are higher in milage and age. The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system is designed to let metered amounts of exhaust gas back into the intake […]

Engine rebuild

Today we have a 2000 Toyota Hiace van in for an engine rebuild. The van suffered from a major overheating when the radiator failed while driving on the freeway. The owners unknowingly kept driving the van until it stopped. Unfortunately this destroyed the engine. So now we are set to task on an engine rebuild. […]

Leaking radiator

Today we had a leaking radiator in a Nissan Dualis to repair in Broadbeach. We attend many breakdowns and radiators are a common cause. We often see at approximately 10 years of age or 200 000kms radiators fail. Radiators in nearly all production cars now days have plastic tanks. This is the weak point that […]

Roadside Assistance

Certified Automotive is a complete mobile service. This means we come to you wherever you are on the Gold Coast. Roadside assistance is what we specialise in. We commonly attend to a wide range of breakdowns. Some of these include: Car won’t start Drive belts and pulleys Batteries, alternators & starter motors Cooling system repairs […]

Booking websites

A new trend has appeared in the automotive world – Third Party Booking websites. These big companies have been around for awhile now in the accommodation sector and can be helpful. But – are they actually a good thing? Or are you paying for something you aren’t aware of? I have some insight into how […]

Mazda 3 water pump

Today we had a 2004 Mazda 3 water pump to replace. The owners noticed a strange noise and a coolant leaking from the engine. We attended her workplace in Mudgeeraba and the problem was quickly diagnosed. The water pump internal bearing had failed. This was due to normal wear, not unexpected with the age of […]

Thermostat problems

All cooling systems in all cars have a thermostat. The thermostat controls the flow of coolant in the cooling system. It is a temperature controlled valve. It opens and closes by itself according to the coolant temperature that it sits in. Most open at 80-90deg C. The purpose of this is so that it stays […]

Timing Belt replacement

The timing belt replacement is a preventative maintenance item that is very important. Intervals recommended to replace the belt varies for each different vehicle. For a lot of vehicle its at the 100 000km mark. This belt plays an integral part in the running of your engine. Its role is to turn the cam shaft, […]

Drive belt failure

The most common breakdown we deal with is drive belt failure. A somewhat simple component but an extremely important part. The drive belt or belts run the ancillary equipment on the engine. Important components such as the water pump, alternator, power steering pump and the air conditioner compressor. Each vehicle and engine design has belts […]

Head Gasket replacement

A head gasket replacement is a major and costly repair. ¬†Generally if a head gasket has failed there is another failure which has caused it. ¬†Every time we inspect a vehicle with a failed head gasket we are looking for the root cause of the fault – this a lot of the time is from […]