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Roadside Assistance

Certified Automotive is a complete mobile service. This means we come to you wherever you are on the Gold Coast. Roadside assistance is what we specialise in. We commonly attend to a wide range of breakdowns. Some of these include: Car won’t start Drive belts and pulleys Batteries, alternators & starter motors Cooling system repairs […]

Drive belt failure

The most common breakdown we deal with is drive belt failure. A somewhat simple component but an extremely important part. The drive belt or belts run the ancillary equipment on the engine. Important components such as the water pump, alternator, power steering pump and the air conditioner compressor. Each vehicle and engine design has belts […]

Car Battery replacement

A critical component of your vehicle is the car battery. The car battery stores the power required to start your engine and run all the electronics in the vehicle. The battery needs to have sufficient power to run these electronics and still have enough power to crank the engine. Each vehicle takes a different battery, […]

Honda Accord Euro Alternator

This Honda Accord Euro from 2006 would not start. The vehicle was broken down at the clients house. We inspected the fault firstly by testing the battery. Which was at 6 volts, well below what is needed to run the computers and a far way off suppling enough power to start the engine. With a […]