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Diesel fuel filter

The diesel fuel filter is a very important part of the fuel system. This is even more true with the advances in diesel fuel system technology. With todays modern diesels with common rail, high pressure fuel pumps, fine tolerance injectors the fuel filters role becomes even more critical. The main pic is of a Toyota […]

Roadside Assistance

Certified Automotive is a complete mobile service. This means we come to you wherever you are on the Gold Coast. Roadside assistance is what we specialise in. We commonly attend to a wide range of breakdowns. Some of these include: Car won’t start Drive belts and pulleys Batteries, alternators & starter motors Cooling system repairs […]

Fuel injectors

Fuel injectors like all parts can cause problems, especially in higher milage vehicles. They can electrically fail or can block up with foreign matter, carbon, etc. Common symptoms of fuel injector issues can include: misfiring running rough pre ignition (pinging) running on bad fuel economy lacking power Not all workshops have access to a fuel […]

Fuel additives

Fuel additives – What do they really do? Do you need them? Do they really help? These are common questions we get with regards to fuel additives. What do they really do? Well it depends on what type. The types we use are Petrol treatment (Pro Ma PT5), Diesel treatment (Pro Ma DT5) and Diesel fuel bug […]

Commodore injector fault

Todays fault is a VE Commodore 6L V8 with an engine fault. This vehicle was running rough, it had a noticeable misfire. It was actually running on 7 cylinders not 8. A diagnostic check was done with a scan tool which showed code P0203. This code means ‘cylinder 3 injector circuit malfunction’. With some further […]