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Mobile brake repairs

Brake safety is extremely important. As a mobile brake specialist on the Gold Coast we can ensure your vehicles brakes are working perfectly. We come to you with our fully equiped workshop van to a location convenient to you. Some key points to tell if your brakes need inspection and/or repair: They sound different. If your brakes squeal, scrape or

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Oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor are an important component in the vehicles engine management system. The oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust system. Their job is to determine and report to the computer the fuel ratio of the exhaust. This information allows the computer to know if the engine is running rich or lean. From this info along with many other inputs

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Subaru timing belt

Todays vehicle in Mudgeeraba was a 2009 Subaru Impreza with the EJ20 engine. A routine log book service with a timing belt replacement. The timing belt replacement is a very important job. If not replaced and failure occurs, major (expensive) engine damage can occur. On the 2009 Impreza the timing belt is recommended by Subaru to be replaced every 125

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Subaru Forester clutch

Today’s repair was on a Subaru Forester XT. I was called out to diagnose a noise coming from the vehicle. I found the noise to be the clutch throw out bearing to be failing and making a loud grinding noise. These sometimes start out as a squeak or squeal heard when you push the clutch in. Eventually the noise will

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