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Carbon Clean

This Mitsubishi Triton had low power and poor fuel economy. The Certified mechanic team inspected the car and found heavy carbon build up in the engines intake system. A carbon clean is required. This is common with turbo diesel engines. The factory fitted ‘EGR’ system which is to provide better economy and for pollution control is mainly to blame. This system recycles exhaust back into the intake. The exhaust soot (carbon) builds up and slowly clogs the intake manifold and cylinder head ports.

Regular chemical Carbon cleaning is recommended to maintain the system. When build up becomes excessive like this engine, the only way to clean is to remove the intake and manually clean out the carbon. As you can see in the video there is a large amount of carbon removed from this intake. This carbon blocks the air flow and causes poor performance and economy.

As the carbon slowly builds up the engines performance slowly decreases. The low performance is not generally noticed by clients until the symptom is quite bad. Once cleaned the client was ecstatic after his first road test. The vehicle produced much more power and ran much smoother. He later reported a marked improvement in fuel economy.

If your car needs a carbon clean or is lacking performance contact Certified Automotive today.