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C180 Mercedes pulley failure

Today we have C180 Mercedes Benz broken down due to a failed drive belt pulley and drive belt. A generally avoidable problem with regular servicing as these components should be inspected. This vehicle had missed its previous service. This is a common scenario, The bearing in the pulley wears out and becomes noisy. If not attended to the bearing fails causing the pulley to seize up. With the pulley not turning, the belt is quickly destroyed.

The task of replacing the belt and pulley isn’t difficult for our experienced mobile mechanics, though removing all of the failed belt can fun if its been shredded and tangled around the pulleys. The real task is ensuring other damage hasn’t occurred due to the failure. Overheating of the engine is a real risk in these scenarios.

This C180 Mercedes was quickly repaired with new components and tested for damage. The overdue service with a full vehicle was completed to ensure no other faults were imminent.

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