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Planning a roadtrip? What to Check

Planning a roadtrip? What to check.

Thinking of a big drive down the coast, a weekend away or an interstate road trip? What should you check on your vehicle before leaving? Here is a list of the common checks that should be done before you leave:

Please refer your vehicles manufacturers handbook for your vehicles procedure.

  1. Service – When the last service was completed and when is the vehicle due. If the road trip is going to take the vehicle past its next scheduled KM interval its advisable to have the service done before leaving.
  2. Engine oil level. Checking that your oil level is correct and when your oil is due to be replaced. Your logbook and/or service sticker should tell you when your vehicle is due for its next service.
  3. Coolant level. Check that the cooling system is full of coolant. Note: only ever remove a pressure cap when the engine is cold!
  4. Fluid levels – Along with the engine oil and coolant the other fluids need to checked – Brake fluid, Power steering, windscreen washer fluid.  If any fluid levels are low this could indicate there is a leak and needs attention from your mechanic.
  5. Tyre air pressure – Follow the manufacturers specifications for the correct pressure for your vehicle. Generally there is a tyre placard inside of the door jam which indicates the desired tyre pressures. Don’t forget your spare tyre!
  6. Tyre tread wear – Do the tyres have even tread across the whole tyre? Uneven wear may indicate an issue that needs attention. Use a tread depth gauge to check that the tread depth is sufficient.
  7. Lights and signals – Check all of the lights are operating correctly.
  8. Battery – Check the age of the battery and if the engine is starting easily. If the vehicle is sluggish to start and or the battery is old it may require replacement.
  9. Emergency equipment – Often overlooked, check that your vehicles equipment is all there. This includes, Spare tyre, Jack, wheel brace, lock nut key (if equipped), Screw driver and torch.
  10. Wash your car – Cleaning the windows for clear visibility and checking the wiper blades are in good condition.
  11. Test drive – Are there any unusual sounds? squealing belts, ‘knocking or clunking’ over bumps, grinding or scraping sounds when braking, engine ‘ticking, tapping’. All of these noises can be indicators or warning signs of something worn and in need of attention.

Of course if you are not savvy in the vehicle maintenance or have a concern, Our team of professionals are always here to assist. We can carry out safety inspections, servicing and repairs onsite at your location.

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