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Subaru timing belt

Todays vehicle in Mudgeeraba was a 2009 Subaru Impreza with the EJ20 engine. A routine log book service with a timing belt replacement. This replacement is a very important job. If not replaced and failure occurs, major (expensive) engine damage can occur.

On the 2009 Impreza, the timing belt is recommended by Subaru to be replaced every 125 000km or every 60months. Note that replacement intervals quoted by the manufacturers should be regarded as the maximum, Due to variations in vehicle usage and operating conditions the belt may need to be replaced earlier than specified. Also that each vehicle and engine may have different replacement intervals.

We always recommend when replacing any timing belt that a complete ‘kit’ is installed and not just a belt. Kits include the idler pulleys, seals and depending on vehicle can include the belt tensioner. The reason I recommend this, is that if a pulley bearing or tensioner fail it is exactly the same result as if the belt fails = major damage and expense. Also this replacement can be labour intensive, therefor it is not a job you want to do twice.

The Subaru Impreza EJ20 timing belt is a job that we can carry out at your home or workplace. Our experienced team come to you with our fully equiped mobile workshop van for your convenience.

Contact us today if your timing belt requires attention.

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