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Toyota 1HZ cracked head

The Toyota landcrusier with a 1HZ engine can be a reliable workhorse.  But they do not like being over heated.  This Landcruiser in Parkwood which I have to repair this week had been overheated due to a leaking radiator.  A common fault with the 1HZ engine is the cylinder head cracking between the valves with overheated.  Also cracking between the valve and the pre combustion chamber.  This can cause running rough and overheating issues or as this engine had – ‘knocking’ type noise.  Another area of concern is the pre combustion chambers.  These are a seperate piece inserted in to the head and are susceptible to cracking.  These have been seen to crack all the way across the pre cup allowing the cup to split into two pieces and cause complete engine failure.

In the picture you can see the crack between the valves and also a crack between the valve and pre cup.  This engine also had some heavy pitting in the cylinder head chamber caused by water ingress.  This head is not repairable and was replaced with a complete new unit.  This is not cheap but the only way to repair this fault correctly.  We did compare price with a complete 2nd hand engine. But with all 2nd hand engines it is a gamble as they come with an unknown history and may have this same fault or others lurking inside. These engines are known for longevity therefore I personally believe repairing this engine with a new head is the best way to ensure trouble free motoring. 

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