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Radius rod bushes

Today in Worongary was the mighty Nissan Patrol 4×4 in for some repairs. One job was the radius rod bushes to be replaced. This suspension set up is the same as the Toyota land cruiser. The front diff is supported by 2 radius rods, In these rods there are bushes at the attachment points. 2 Bushes at the front and 1 at the rear. These bushes take all of the forward and backward force put through the front suspension. Also when the diff is articulating these bushes are getting twisted.

So it no surprise that they wear out. It is common to find the rubber torn. Today’s GQ Patrol had an aftermarket set previously installed many years prior. These where urethane bushes, which are great in some locations but not the best choice for radius rods. Rubber is the best as it is softer allowing for more flex and forgiveness when off road.

As you can see in the picture the steel pins had rusted out causes the bush to lock onto the pin. This bush was extremely hard and offered no flex or movement. This caused noises and a lot less articulation. In cases where the radius rod bush/es are torn and have movement it allows the diff to move and can cause bad driveline vibrations and handling. This is due to the diff caster being incorrect.

These Radius rod bushes must be removed and installed with a press.

Once replaced the improvement was instantly noticeable. Another happy customer.

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