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Wondering steering

Todays repair was on a 1998 C200 Mercedes. The compliant was – wondering steering and ‘knocking’ noise over bumps. Along with uneven tyre wear.

We carried out a full inspection of the vehicle along with an overdue oil and filter service. The inspection revealed significant wear in the steering linkage joints, torn lower control arm inner bushes and a failed LH engine mount.

These parts were all replaced and new components. The steering linkage assembly and lower control arms are available as a complete units to make life easy. A wheel alignment was also carried out after the repairs.

The client was very impressed with the vast improvement to the vehicle’s on road behaviour. During the road test the wondering steering was gone as was the ‘knocking’ noises.

If your vehicle has any of these symptoms on the Gold Coast, please contact Certified Automotive to have a professional come to you.

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