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Hyundai iload turbo failure

The popular Hyundai iload van with the 2.5L turbo diesel has a couple problems that we’re seeing increasingly often. Todays example in Burleigh Heads is a prime example – Turbo failure! The main and often first symptom people are experiencing is the iload turbo failing. This is generally a result of another problem. The turbo […]

Hyundai engine failure

A callout in Tugun to a Hyundai Sonata to inspect a loud noise from the clients engine has led to a complete engine replacement. The noise was a very loud ‘knocking’. This was diagnosed on site as a failed con rod bearing which was causing the piston to hit the cylinder head. This is a […]

Throw out bearing failure

Today we had a Hyundai Getz broken down. The vehicle had lost all drive from a failed clutch. While a failed clutch is not abnormal, We always ask if any noises or concerns have been happening recently. This time the owner mentioned a loud squealing had been occurring over the last few days.. When we […]

CV joint replacement

Today was the humble Hyundai Getz. The client complained of a clicking noise when turning. This was quickly diagnosed as a worn CV joint (constant velocity joint). These ‘joints’ are part of the drive shaft which transfers the driving force from the gearbox to the wheels. CV joints allows drive to the wheels while allow […]

Hyundai Getz engine mounts

Engine mounts play a very important role in your vehicle. They hold the engine and gearbox in place and insulate the vibrations from your engine away from the vehicles body. Engine mounts come in many different styles but all carry out the same role. Some are hydraulic while the majority are rubber bushed. If they […]

Log Book Servicing

When you purchase a new car log book servicing will be a requirement. The log book contains all the service requirements particular to your vehicle.  With all the specifications set down by the vehicle manufacturer. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in order for a car’s warranty to remain intact, motor vehicle dealers […]

Hyundai Getz low oil pressure

This hyundai Getz in Mermaid beach was suffering from low oil pressure. The client called us out to inspect and repair this fault. The oil light was on on the dash, so I confirmed the oil pressure with a test gauge. The pressure was low. This is becoming a more common fault as modern engines […]