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Hyundai Getz engine mounts

Engine mounts play a very important role in your vehicle. They hold the engine and gearbox in place and insulate the vibrations from your engine away from the vehicles body.

Engine mounts come in many different styles but all carry out the same role. Some are hydraulic while the majority are rubber bushed. If they tear, split, collapse or are oil soaked they will need replacing. Common complaints relating to engine mount failure are Рvibrations felt in the car and knocking or thudding noises.

During your routine vehicle service the engine mounts will be checked. Not only are these important but they are also a  roadworthy item.

As you can see in the main pic the old engine mount has sagged down lower. This was causing a severe vibration in a Hyundai Getz. This was a quick repair and not overly expensive parts but it made an amazing difference to the way the car felt.

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