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Hyundai Getz low oil pressure

This hyundai Getz in Mermaid beach was suffering from low oil pressure. The client called us out to inspect and repair this fault. The oil light was on on the dash, so I confirmed the oil pressure with a test gauge. The pressure was low. This is becoming a more common fault as modern engines have finer tolerances. The general cause of this fault is missing or late servicing or incorrect servicing. Engine oil must be changed at the manufacturers specified time with the correct oil.

A oil flush treatment was used then the oil drained. I removed the sump and it was clear this vehicle had missed many services with the large build up of sludge in the sump (This is why us mechanics always rant on about servicing!! ha) The sump was cleaned as was the oil pick up which was mostly blocked, this was main cause of the oil light coming on. Reassembled with some fresh oil and a new filter it was back running well again with full oil pressure.

Now with regular oil and filter changes this should not happen again. The main thing to learn here is that the complete job is avoidable, by just having the vehicle servicing done on time every time. Call Certified Automotive to book your service.

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