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CV joint replacement

Today was the humble Hyundai Getz. The client complained of a clicking noise when turning. This was quickly diagnosed as a worn CV joint (constant velocity joint). These ‘joints’ are part of the drive shaft which transfers the driving force from the gearbox to the wheels. CV joints allows drive to the wheels while allow the suspension to move freely and also the wheels to be able to change angle (steering). These joints wear out as there is a lot of force going through them.

This repair is quite common on front wheel drive cars and also with independent suspension 4 wheel drive vehicles. Luckily these parts are readily available from aftermarket suppliers rather then only genuine dealers. This has made this repair much cheaper then it was in years past. We commonly replace the complete driveshafts both LH and RH which has both inner and outer CV joints at the same time. This is because if one joint is noisy then the others will be also worn and soon to fail.

A common cause of the failure is from torn/split CV boots. The boot keeps the grease in and the water, mud, dirt etc out of the joint. In the main pic you can see the split CV boot which would have contributed to the wear in the CV joint.

The 2nd pic below is from a CV joint replacement on a 2006 Toyota 100 series land cruiser. This is the RHF CV shaft that was replaced due to wear causing clicking while turning. We replaced the pair of drive shafts on this vehicle.

Complete drive shaft
Complete drive shaft
100 series Land cruiser CV joint
100 series Land cruiser CV joint
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