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Hyundai engine failure

A callout in Tugun to a Hyundai Sonata to inspect a loud noise from the clients engine has led to a complete engine replacement. The noise was a very loud ‘knocking’. This was diagnosed on site as a failed con rod bearing which was causing the piston to hit the cylinder head. This is a major engine failure. The cause of this failure was due to the engine not being serviced and running very low on oil. Another reason to ensure your services are done on time every time.

In this and many other similar scenarios it is more cost affective to replace the complete engine with a known/tested low km 2nd hand unit from a wrecking yard, rather then rebuild the original engine. This must be done in a workshop due to the size of the repair. We arrange towing and can complete this work at our base workshop.

During this process all the engine fluids are replaced so it is wise to complete a full service and any other possible repairs as this could work much cheaper then later when the engine is back in the vehicle. Other items to consider are: clutch, timing belt, water pump, cv joints etc

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