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Drive belt failure

The most common breakdown we deal with is drive belt failure. A somewhat simple component but an extremely important part. The drive belt or belts run the ancillary equipment on the engine. Important components such as the water pump, alternator, power steering pump and the air conditioner compressor.

Each vehicle and engine design has belts that are specific to it. They come in many designs like Vee and mulitvee with a large range of widths and lengths. Therefor the correct belts must be used.

Generally belt replacement is not a major repair but the labour required varies for every model vehicle. Some vehicles are very straight forward while others can be quiet difficult. This is why calling a professional is the best option.

When a belt fails it can be just be from old age. But it can also be from another fault, like a pulley seizing. This is common scenario. A pulley bearing wears and becomes noisy. The noise is ignored then the bearing fails and destroys the drive belt. Its at this point we are called out to a breakdown. This breakdown can be avoided, when a new noise starts call Certified Automotive straight away. Also having your vehicle serviced on time helps avoid these events as during the service the belts and pulleys are inspected.

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