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Leaking radiator

Today we had a leaking radiator in a Nissan Dualis to repair in Broadbeach. We attend many breakdowns and radiators are a common cause. We often see at approximately 10 years of age or 200 000kms radiators fail. Radiators in nearly all production cars now days have plastic tanks. This is the weak point that fails. The plastic gets brittle with age and eventually it will crack allow the coolant to leak out.

The main concern with any cooling system leak is that the engine has not been overheated. As engine damage can occur with an overheat event. Fortunately this engine was not damaged.

Radiators are generally readily available from aftermarket suppliers. Today a new quality replacement was sourced locally and installed quickly. New coolant is a necessity followed by bleeding all air from the system. A pressure test confirms no other leaks and the repair has been done correctly.

A quick repair and a happy client makes for another good day. If your vehicle is having any cooling system issues please contact us today!

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