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Car Battery replacement

A critical component of your vehicle is the car battery. The car battery stores the power required to start your engine and run all the electronics in the vehicle. The battery needs to have sufficient power to run these electronics and still have enough power to crank the engine. Each vehicle takes a different battery, the more electrical load the vehicle has means the bigger the battery capacity is needed. Also the bigger the engine the larger the battery needs to be to crank it over to start.

The capacity of the car battery is measured in CCA (cold cranking amps), the higher the number the more power that battery has.

During each car service I load test the battery. This tells the condition of the battery and how many CCA are available which when compared to the label tells how worn the battery is. Batteries don’t have an expiry date, they are replaced when they no longer are able to produce the CCA required. The battery can also fail due to a dead cell. batteries have 6 cells and it needs every one. If 1 fails the battery requires replacement. Batteries can also fail due to age, vibration, boiling dry, overcharging or excessive discharge which it is unable to recover/recharge from. They also tend to fail more in extreme temperatures. A symptom of a failing battery is slow engine cranking.

So if your car has car battery issues, call Certified Automotive to inspect your car today. We come to you and test and replace the battery if necessary. When replacing any car battery it is important that the vehicles charging system is tested at the same time. This ensures the alternator is charging at the correct rate. As both under and over charging is detrimental to the battery. This is why we recommend you call the professionals – Certified Automotive.

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