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Honda Accord Euro Alternator

This Honda Accord Euro from 2006 would not start. The vehicle was broken down at the clients house. We inspected the fault firstly by testing the battery. Which was at 6 volts, well below what is needed to run the computers and a far way off suppling enough power to start the engine.

With a jump start pack connected, the engine started. This confirms the starter motor and all engine components are working. We then test the charging system, which we found that the alternator had failed. It was not suppling any voltage.

We replaced the alternator with a new OEM standard unit. We avoid online specials out of China as they have a habit of failing long before they should. The quality of some of these unknown branded aftermarket parts are not up to standard, therefore we use known quality brands only. This allows us the confidence to offer 12month/20000km warranty.

After the installation and the Honda Accor Euro is up and running again, we recheck the charging system – It is now charging correctly at 13.9v.

All this done at the customers house at Carrara. The advantage of a mobile mechanic over a workshop – No tow truck, no hassles, just the vehicle fixed at your location.

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