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Dodge Journey engine mount

Today in Benowa I had Dodge Journey with the 2.7 V6 engine to repair. Our client’s complaint was a “Clunk noise when accelerating”. I carried out a though inspection of the vehicle and traced the noise to a failed rear engine mount.

The Dodge Journey has a east west mounted V6 engine. At the lower rear of the engine sits an engine mount. This mount takes a lot of the torque of the engine. This means, when you rev the engine or load up the engine it wants to twist. This mount holds the engine in place. As you can see in the pics the rubber bush had completely torn which allowed the engine to twist and move. This it where the “clunk” noise was coming from.

The cause of the failure is simply age and general use. The rubber bushes can only flex soo many times before they start to wear, then eventually fail.

I proceeded to replace the mount. This was carried out at the clients home. This repair was quickly performed before the vehicle was road tested again to ensure the noise was gone.. Which it was, as expected.

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