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Oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor are an important component in the vehicles engine management system. The oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust system. Their job is to determine and report to the computer the fuel ratio of the exhaust. This information allows the computer to know if the engine is running rich or lean. From this info along with many other inputs the computer can tune the engine best for the conditions. 

Each vehicle has its own set up with regards to oxygen sensors. Some have only 1 while some can have as many a 4. These like any part can wear out and fail. When a Oxygen sensor fails the vehicles computer will know and turn the engine light on. With a failed sensor the computer won’t be able to fine tune the engine also some O2 sensors are required for determining the condition of the catalytic convertors. The vehicle should still run but may lack power or use more fuel, though symptoms will differ for each make and model. 

Todays vehicle was a Subaru Forester in Varsity Lakes which had its engine light on. When inspected it was diagnosed as a failed oxygen sensor. This was replaced with a new aftermarket part which fixed the problem. 

If your O2 sensor has failed and/or your engine light is on call Certified Automotive today – 1300 457 599 or send us an online enquiry


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