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Fuel injectors

Fuel injectors like all parts can cause problems, especially in higher milage vehicles. They can electrically fail or can block up with foreign matter, carbon, etc. Common symptoms of fuel injector issues can include:

  • misfiring
  • running rough
  • pre ignition (pinging)
  • running on
  • bad fuel economy
  • lacking power

Not all workshops have access to a fuel injector test bench for flow testing and cleaning of injectors in house. But at our base workshop we are equipped! Our flow bench can accommodate most injectors for petrol engines. With this expensive tooling we can test the function of your injectors. We test:

  • flow rates for low, medium and high rpms.
  • Leak down test to check for leakage.
  • Injection spray pattern.

This service requires the injectors to be removed from the vehicle to be tested. This is the only way to actually test the injectors. There are many additives and ‘on car’ chemical cleaning systems. But none of these can test flow rates and actually confirm a fault and the repair.

It is common to find the spray pattern effected by blockage from carbon build up. Once tested to get a base line, we ultra sonic clean the injectors. Followed by retesting to confirm flow rate, pattern and ensure they meet specification.

If your vehicle has any of these symptoms above call Certified Automotive today. We can remove and carry out the testing and cleaning. Or alternatively if your handy, you can remove and supply the injectors and will flow and clean them for you.

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