Ford Focus Engine mount

Today was another Engine mount failure. This time on a 2008 Ford Focus in Burleigh. The owner was complaining of a vibration in the vehicle. I inspected the mounts as this is a common problem, especially on vehicles around the 10yr old mark. The rubber in the mount over the years loses its strength and eventually sags. This allows the engine vibrations to be transferred in to the chassis of the vehicle were it is now able to be felt.

Replacing the engine mount is the solution. This is not a major or expensive repair. It was easily carried out at the clients house with an aftermarket part which keeps the cost down when comparing to genuine parts prices. Once the engine mount was replaced the vehicle drove smooth and the vibration was completely gone.

You can clearly see in the 2 comparison photos the difference between the new and old engine mounts. Notice the Gap is missing in the old mount (red arrows), and the large gap in the new mount (green Arrows).

Collapsed Ford Focus engine mount

Collapsed Ford Focus mount with no gap

New Ford Focus engine mount

New Ford Focus mount with large gap

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