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Hyundai Getz low oil pressure

This hyundai Getz in Mermaid beach was suffering from low oil pressure. The client called us out to inspect and repair this fault. The oil light was on on the dash, so I confirmed the oil pressure with a test gauge. The pressure was low. This is becoming a more common fault as modern engines […]

2010 Triton Turbo Diesel mechanical repairs

We had very lucky customer today, with their 2010 triton turbo diesel. Due for a timing belt change right on schedule, but mention a whistling noise and a vibration. Once stripped down the balance shaft timing belt was found completed stripped of teeth! You can see in the pictures the stripped belt up against the […]

Positive afternoon working on an Isuzu

Great client, who has his Isuzu truck serviced on time every time and it shows, over half a million kilometres and still running perfectly! Perfect example of how a good maintenance schedule can provide stress free driving. This Isuzu has many more years and thousands of KM of life left in it thanks to the […]