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EGR problems

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This system is on nearly every vehicle as it helps manufacturers meet emission standards required. This system does as the name says, it recirculates exhaust gas back into the engines intake to be re-burnt. This does 2 things, it increases the fuel economy and reduces pollution. This system does however cause a lot of

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Engine light on

When that little engine light comes up on your dash it means there is a fault somewhere in the system. The vehicle won’t tell you what the fault is unless you have a scan tool to communicate with your vehicle’s onboard computer. With onboard computers now normal in every vehicle having the latest diagnostic equipment is vital. Your owners manual says

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Holden Cruze misfire

A common fault I deal with a lot is engines misfire and running rough concerns. Today it was a Holden Cruze in Nerang. The complaint was running rough and lacking power. I found this engine to running on 3 cylinders not 4, this was quickly diagnosed with the scan tool. Replacement of the coil pack was needed. The coil pack

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